Marom Klub Egyesület

Address: Budapest, 1073, Akácfa street 58.
Tax number: 18178577-1-42
Bank Account: 10400205-02012959-00000000

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Marom Budapest is devoted to re-invent and re-create Jewish culture and tradition targaeting mainly young adults in Budapest, Hungary, but seeking ways of european and global international co-operations as well. We are committed to dialogue, openness, and embracing the diversity of Judaism. It is an initiative of Jewish young-adults to find a common language for re-interpreting Jewish culture and tradition.

Marom Budapest is also active on the field of "bridge building", producing multicultural - intercultural and interfaith - programs, thus fighting against all form of discrimination by the means of dialogue.

We are committed to representing the rights of women and sexual minorities, and consider social activism and charity Jewish values. Marom supports fighting anti-Semitism and encourages processing and re-interpreting Jewish traumatic experiences.

We also support environmental consciousness, and civilian initiatives to protect and revive Budapest's historic Jewish district. Our aim is to deconstruct the often one-sided image of Jewry, and to provide access to such valuable and (in Hungary) unprocessed fields of Hungarian and the international Jewry that can be positive identity-elements for the Hungarian Jewish young adults.

Marom is organising cultural and educational programs for young adults, who have rarely any access to a "non-traditional" approach to Jewry. This brings many assimilated young Jews to re-discover their roots - which is ultimately one of our goals.

The programs and their settings provide a model of an open, non-judgmental community where the focus is on theintersection of Jewish / Culture / Cool / Open while addressing issues of the Hungarian society - such as civilian responsibility, environmental consciousness, charity, Anti-racism and equal rights for minorities. Besides we would like to enhance communication and common work in the Jewish and non-Jewish civilian sphere.



In the next five years we would like to reach out to more young Jews. Our main target will be the university students. We would like to establish an international Jewish information-education center.

Our further aim is to widen our activity and organise more programs for families, as many of our members find it hard to stay active after establishing their family. In ten years we may be even able to open our own Kindergarten and school.

In terms of our organisational structure we would like to find donors who can provide us with the financial resources for employing more staff with better salaries. This would enable us also to engage more in managing Jewish artists and tobetter publicize and support our programs. By increasing our budget we would like to reach the goals mentioned here and also to be able to maintain a more intense connection with Hungarian Jews in the countryside, with European artists,Jewish groups, as well as to be able to invite people from Israel and the US.



Marom Budapest was founded in 2001. It started as a Jewish student group and by 2005 had become Budapest´s major Jewish cultural organisation for young adults, organising festivals, concerts, lectures, round table discussions, workshops and more. Since 2006, Marom has operated an "alternative JCC" (Sirály) in the heart of the Jewish district of Budapest. Here Marom works together with many NGOs - such as the City Theatre, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, the Green Youth, the Budapest Jewish Theatre, Dor Chadash (egalitarian minyan), Ovas! (an organisation dedicated to protecting the Jewish district) and more.

Marom is the only organisation in Hungary that works with Jewish and non-Jewish artists encouraging them to reflect on the Jewish tradition and to produce art related to Judaism and Jewry. Marom is one of the very few Jewish organisations that addresses women's issues. Marom is a unique grass-root, Jewish NGO open to all that works tocelebrate the diversity of Judaism, not trying to reinforce a one-sided concept of Jewry but promoting alternative ways to interpret Jewish culture and tradition. In 2009 Marom Budapest has ca. 1000 members and participants.